Bharat Mata temple is uniquely one of its kind, and therefore highly famous. A freedom fighter babu Shiv Prashad Gupta built it in around 1936. What makes this temple so unique is that this temple is not in the name of any god or goddess, or a person. It is perhaps, the only temple in India in the name of “Mother Indiaā€¯. Therefore, however, here your wishes may not come true, but here you feel the true nationalism in yourself.

In this temple, you find the map of India carved in the marble. Visiting this temple make you realize all the sacrifices that our freedom fighter did to give us freedom. Today, every of our single smile is a gift from them, and that is what you feel after visiting here. Therefore, as a true nationalist, you should be proud to have a visit to this temple.

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bharat mata mandir

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