Chintaman Ganesh Temple, One of the holiest temples of Lord Ganesha is the Chintaman Ganesh Temple located in Ujjain. Located across the river Shipra, this holy temple is around 7 Km away from the Ujjain city. Ganesh is the Lord who must be worshiped before starting any work. Therefore, the importance of this holy temple of Lord Ganesha needs not any explanation. Ganesha is the Vighan- harta. As per belief, if you visit here, all wishes come true very easily. What the only thing that you need to have here, is pure devotion and a pure heart.

In Ujjain, it’s the biggest temple of Lord Ganesha and is highly popular. Also, the architectural beauty of this holy place will surely make your eyes pleasing. The Word Chintamani means the one who kills all your worries. Therefore, if you visit here to have the worship, all your tensions will be washed away.

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Bade Ganesh ji Ka Mandir

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