“Har ki Pauri” or “Brahamakund” is much more than a religious holy Ghat. You can never know how so unbelievably attractive this place is, without having some time there. It is the place that has the real footprint of almighty Lord Vishnu. Also, it is believed to be the place where a few drops of Amrit had fallen. Constructed in 1st century BC, this place is a live evidence of the truthfulness of Vikram-Betaal Stories. Raja Vikramaditya constructed it in the remembrance of his brother Bharati, and on the order of Lord Vishnu. Lots of temples for you to visit here. Also, it’s the place where River Ganga after emerging from the Himalaya, touches the plain for the very first time. It is the place where God resides everywhere and all the time. Bathing in this Ghat takes away all your sins. The prominence of this place increases extraordinarily during the period of Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh. Beautifully lighten Diyas and candles floating across the river, the highly pleasing natural beauty, Sweet sounding Mantras, and the Ganga Aarti refresh your mind here all the way.

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What to see and Enjoy at Har Ki Pauri?

Lighted candle and Diyas floating across the river, and the immense natural beauty make this place worth watching. Also, the sweet sounds of auspicious Mantras are always pleasing to ears, and if once hear them, you will feel a totally different level of Satisfaction. Here, you may see the large Footprint on a wall, and as per belief, this is the footprint of Lord Vishnu.

The sweet sounds of Gongs running in the background take you to a totally different world as if you have entered into the world of fairies. If you are here, it may never be any good to miss out things like Ganga Aarti. Priests do the aarti in the morning between 5:30 to 6:30, and in the evening between 6:00 to 7:00. In order to enjoy the Aarti in a better way, it’s best to sit on the Ghat on the opposite side of the Temple.

An Island style Ghat “The Malviya Dweep” is also highly to enjoy the Ganga aarti in a better way. There are lots of temples here to make you feel highly energetic spiritual powers. Other than doing enjoying these things, there are some really very amazing places nearby, and if you can manage the time, you should surely visit these places. Some of these places are: –

Religious Tour

Nearby Har ki Pauri, there are lots of famous religious places to visit. The Spirituality and the divine power of some of these places are so much popular that you should feel lucky if you get the chance to be there. Not only in terms of architectural beauty, but also from all aspects, these places look amazing. Some of them are: –

  • Chandi Devi Temple
  • Gauri Shankar Mahadev Temple
  • Mansa Devi temple

All these places are various auspicious, and history is full of proofs of some really very amazing magic that happened at these places. Chandi Devi temple is in the name of Devi Chandi who is a form of Mata Durga. Also, Mansa Devi temple is in the name of Mansa Maai, who is a form of goddess Durga. Gauri Sankar temple is in the name of Lord Shiva and Mata Gauri. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to get to Chandi Devi temple or Mansa Devi temple from Har ki Pauri. Also, to get to the Gauri Shankar Temple from Har Ki Pauri, it just takes 15 minutes or even less.

These places have some unexplainable attraction. After visiting here, you feel such peace and inner happiness that you may never get even at places like Darjeeling. From all around the world, most of the travel Vloggers, and bloggers have explained the beauty of these places. As per their own statement, however, they have written a lot more about this place, but they always feel that they are missing something to write. It determines that you can never explain such places in words.

Khanna Handicrafts

If you love handcrafted objects whether as a decorative item or as a toy for your kids. “Khanna handicrafts” is something that may amaze you all the time. It is in the Moti bazar. it has lots of amazing, attractive and eye-catching examples of Handicrafted items that you may buy at affordable rates. It is at the distance of around 4 Minutes to 10 Minutes from Har ki Pauri, and therefore, it should not be any difficult to manage the time to have a visit here. Here, you don’t get the items at cheaper rates only, but it is also very trusted worthy in Haridwar.

Moti Bazar

If you are shopping savvy, you must visit the Moti Bazar. This Bazaar is at the distance of around 4 to 10 Minutes from Har Ki Pauri. Therefore, you may easily enjoy doing some shopping here.

It is the main market of holy Haridwar, and therefore, here you have lots of interesting stuff to buy. Here, you may buy anything and everything. All types of religious objects related to Hinduism are easily available here at affordable pricing. In addition to this, here you may also buy good looking clothes and Shoes, long-lasting utensils, delicious food items, and many more. Street foods are so much delicious that no matter how much you have eaten them; your tummy will always want some more.

When such a delicious taste gets dissolved in your tongue, you feel yourself like a king enjoying the real royal food. However, this market has lots of tasty food items to make your mouth-watering, but some of the best of them that are always on the top when it comes to choosing the most delicious are: – Spicy Puri Aloo, hot frothy Kulhar milk, crispy kachoris, sweet samosas. Once you keep such tasty food items on your tongue, there’s only one sentence that comes out of your mouth, and that is “Wow, yummy, Mazaa aa gaya”. This market opens from 9 O’Clock morning till 9 O’clock night.

Ganga Ayurvedic Food Place

If you are highly health-conscious and avoid street food always, Haridwar has something very special for you too. Here, you may enjoy delicious, healthy, and Hygenic food items. One of the very famous places to provide you such facilities is “Ganga Ayurvedic Food Place”. Here, chefs do not only take care of your health, but they also make sure to provide you delicious food items. All the food items that you eat here, have some really amazing medicinal benefits. And more importantly, it is a pure non-vegetarian Food provider. It takes around 1 Hr to 1.5 Hrs to reach this place from Har Ki Pauri. Enjoy the real royal meal here at really very affordable prices. This restaurant opens at 10 O’Clock in the morning, and close 11 O’Clock at night.

Udan Khatola/Ropeway

If you want to enjoy the Udan Khatola or the Ropeway Jhula, Haridwar has that too to offer you. At places like Chandi Devi temple and Mansa Devi temple, you may choose the ropeway to have the beautiful bird’s eye view of the whole town, and the holy Ganga. As per safety measure, Maximum of only four persons are allowed to travel in each cable car. Also, your body weight plays an important role. This experience of Udan Khatola is full of joy, adventures, and unimaginable feelings. The Ropeway facility starts at 6:30 morning, and the service ends at 5:00 Pm. Chandi Devi temple and Mansa Devi temple are around 15 to 30 minutes from Har Ki Pauri.

Shanti Kunj

Around 6 to 7 Km away from Har Ki Pauri, the Shanti Kunj is one of the must-visit places. It is famous for ayurvedic and herbal plants grown inside the complex. It is one of the rare places where daily havans and Prayers take place for world peace. Established in 1971, it’s a highly famous ashram, and the headquarters of All World Gayatri Pariwar”. All the way, Shanti Kunji is devoted to the goodwill of mankind, and persons of whatever religions and beliefs, may visit here all the time. Here, you may participate in various training programs for the upliftment of moral, cultural, spiritual and ethical values. Therefore, for the peace of mind, you must visit this place. Three major training programs that you may join here are: –

  • Nine days training of Sanjeewani Vidyaa (Art of Living & Art of Relating training camps).
  • One-month training of Yug Shilpi and Parivraajak (Art of Serving & Art of Leading training camps.
  • Three months of training for proficiency in Sangeet (music).

History of Har Ki Pauri

How so beautiful the Har Ki Pauri is, the historical stories related to this place are equally important. Other than Vedic history related to this place, there are some other interesting historical facts about this place. It was King Vikramaditya who built this holy place in the 1st century BC. He made it in the remembrance of his brother Bharati who used to meditate here on the banks of River Ganga. In most parts of India, people worship Bharati as a great Saint.

Have you heard the story of Vikaram and Betal, or have you read the Betal Pachisi?

if so, then, you will be amazed to know that it was the same Raja Vikramaditya who built this holy ghat. Therefore, it’s tight slaps on those who believe that the story of Vikram and Betal is just a myth. He was a very powerful, wise, and softhearted king during his time. During his era, the Vikram Samvat calendar got started. As per belief, once Lord Visnu appeared to King Vikramaditya and his brother Bharati, and on the order of almighty lord, the king built this holy Ghat. Later, in 1938, Hargyan Singh Katara extended and renovated this Ghat. Again in 1986, the renovation of this holy ghat took place.

Best time to visit Har Ki Pauri

If you are planning to visit “Har Ki Pauri”, it’s best to choose the summer season. From March till June end, it’s best to have the tour here. Since this place faces the nail-biting winter season, therefore, it’s better to avoid. Choosing the rainy season will be just a waste of time.

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