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Kainchi Dham or the Ashram of Neem Karoli Baba placed in Nainital does not need any introduction. If you want to feel some miracle and to kick out bad luck from your life, you must visit this auspicious place. As per belief, he is an incarnation of Lord Hanuman. Also, the pure form of Mahabali Hanuman was his guru. The Babaji has helped Business persons like Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs and politicians like Narendra Modi in getting incomparable success from the very bottom. Baba changed their life in a highly positive way, and that too even after his death. Therefore, however, Baba Ji is no more now, but his blessing always shows his presence here.

Here you will also find the idols of lord hanuman of whose Baba Ji was a deep devotee. History is full of the miracles that Baba did during and after his life. No matter that who you are, and what you are, but the doors of Baba Ji is always opened for you. If you are pure by heart, Baba is always here to make your luck shining.

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kainchi dham

If you really want to be as famous, and as rich as personalities like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are, you must visit this temple at least once. As per their interview, Mark Zuckerburg, and Steve Jobs have themselves confessed that it was the spiritual aura and blessing of the “Neem Karoli Baba” that made them achieve such a great and incomparable success.

Not only these two, but there are lots of ones who have visited here for the end of their bad luck. Surprisingly, all of them have claimed that after visiting the temple of Neem Karoli Baba, they don’t know what bad luck is. As per belief, not only during the time when Baba was alive, but also after his death, he has done lots of spiritual magic, and therefore, devotees believe him still alive and worship him as God.

Even our Prime minister Narendra Modi who has been two times prime minister, and 3 times Chief Minister, and that too with unbeatable margins, is one of the greatest devotees of Neem Karoli Baba. As per belief, it is the blessing of Neem Karoli Baba to Modi Ji could that none of his competitors have even got any respectful number of seats in any of elections. Even the oldest and longest-ruling Party “Indian National Congress” shrank to just 44 seats. However, Pappu (R.G), and his team members have barked so many times against Modi Ji, but they could not anything except barking. All it could only be possible with the Blessing of Neem Karoli Baba. Baba protects all his devotees who have a pure heart.

Sadly, Neem Karoli Baba is not alive now. But, even after his death, he has completed wishes of lots of devotees and has done lots of spiritual wonders. Here, you get such peace that you may not get at any other places. As per belief, The Baba was an incarnation of Lord Hanuman himself. Also, the pure form of Lord Hanuman is his Guru. Baba took Samadhi in around 1973.

Every year, on June 15th, all devotees of Baba worship this day as his “Punya Tithi”. You may see the large crowded festive market during this eve here. Not only locals, and people from other parts of the nation, and abroad too to visit this place on this day. Whether it’s locals or outsiders, there are millions of devotees of Baba from all around the world. Not only in India but also he has devotees from all around the world.

Some Interesting facts about Kainchi Dham

Here are some of the interesting facts about the Kainchi Dham temple that you may never have heard of.

  • The famous writer cum Spiritual teacher “Richard Alpert” has mentioned the great magics of Neem Karoli Baba in his famous book “Miracle of love”. In that book, he has clearly written that how the blessing of Baba saved an army man even when he was surrounded by enemies and facing the gun firing and attacks for a full night. None of his friends present there could remain alive, but none of the bullets could even touch him. The author was so influenced by the spirituality of Baba that he changed his name to Ram Dass.
  • According to Mark Zurgberg, once he was facing such a worst time that he was forced to sell his business. But, on the advice of one of his Indian friends, he visited the Kainchi Dhaam. After his visit to the Kainchi Dham, he felt a different level of energy and motivation there. It was the blessing of Baba that raised his business from nowhere to an unbeatable success. It’s not the rumor, but Mark Zurgbeerg himself has confessed this most of times.
  • Once Baba has turned the normal water into tasty ghee. It was the time when devotees face lack of ghee for making the “Prasad”. On the order of Baba, they brought the water from the nearest river and tried making the “Prasad’ with that. Magically, the water got converted into the Ghee.
  • Once a hight tired devotee wet by sweat visited to meet Baba Ji. He was no further able to face any more solar heat. But, he has to move forward anyhow. After visiting the Kainchi Dhaam, all his tiredness ran away. He started feeling fresh. Also, all Baba Ji made an umbrella with clouds and gifted that to him. He could complete his journey with ease by using that umbrella.
  • Baba Ji was a Trikala Darshi, and he had already predicted his time of death long before he died.
  • Baba used to chant “Ram Naam” all the time.

Actually, the Kainchi Dham was previously the Ashram of “Neem Karoli Baba”. There you may see idols of Lord Hanuman of whose Baba Ji was a deep devotee. Another name of Baba Ji is Maharaj Ji. As per belief, whatever the money he had, all he spent in devotion to lord hanuman. He built around 108 temples of lord hanuman. Also, as per some beliefs, he is a perfect example of how a normal human being if pure by heart, and have perfect devotion towards Lord, may get divine power in him. Baba was a normal guy as we normally are, but his deep and pure penance towards Lord Hanuman gave him so much powerful divine power that he did lots of wonders for the best of mankind.

In terms of natural beauty surrounding the temple, the place where this holy temple is located, need not any introduction. Nainital, where this Dham is located, is the queen of natural beauty. You will always be short of words whenever try to explain such beauty in words.

How to get to Kainchi Dham?

To get to the Kainchi Dham, you will have to take the bus from Haldwani bus stand. You should choose the bus that should be heading towards Almora. Buses are available all the time from Early morning to till evening. To get to the Haldwani, you will have to take either a single train or a combination of trains depending on where you are located in. The nearest airport to the Kainchi Dham is the Pant Nagar. From the, you will have to take a cab to get to the Kainchi Dham.

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