This temple is in the name of almighty Shiva, and one of his forms named as “Kal Bhairav”. As per belief, Lord Shiva created the Kalbhairav. Lord Shiva appointed him as the guardian of the city, and the temple. Worshipping the Kal Bhairav will keep your Ego under control. He is so kind that he forgives all your mistakes very easily, and bless you with wealth and prosperity. Therefore, being a Hindu, you must visit this place for at least once. The temple is on the bank of river Shipra. To make all your wishes true, you must visit here. Kal Bhairav and the almighty shiva help the pure hearts here.

The temple looks architecturally very beautiful. Therefore, you must not miss the chance to have a visit here. Here you get the full divine feeling along with the feel of pure natural beauty. In the morning, you may visit this temple from 5 O’Clock morning to 1:30 the afternoon. While in the evening, you may visit anytime between 4:30 evening to 9:00 O’Clock night. Therefore, if planning to have any tour here, it should be as accordingly.

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kal bhairav temple

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