In the ancient city of Ujjain of the State “MadhyaPradesh”, there’s a very auspicious temple “The MahaKaleshwar Temple”. This adobe of Lord Shiva is on the banks of Rudra Sagar Lake. It is also one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Not only the architectural beauty but also the devotional beauty of this temple is marvelous. The Architectural beauty of this place is the perfect example of the Martha Arts, Chalukyan Arts, and the Bhumija Arts. Inside the temple, there is colossal idol of Mahakaleshwar located in the Garvgrih, facing the south direction. Out of all twelve Jyotirlingas, it’s the only temple having such unique features. Also, Inside the beautiful temple, the lingams of Omkaresvara and Nagachandresvara installed in the middle and uppermost parts respectively. There are a lot more things to watch out. It’s one of the scared place to visit during the Kumbh Mela.

Here, People worship the Mahakaal form of Lord Shiva, and therefore, this temple is called the Mahakaleshwar Temple. Shiva is also famous as the god of destruction, and so if he gets happy with you, you get out of the fear of death. It’s the place where your wishes come true. Nearby, this holy temple, there are around 84 Shiva temple, and a Shaktipeeth too.

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Mahakaleshwar Temple

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