This holy place “Panchvati” belongs to Lord Rama, and therefore a must-visit place for you if you have the belief in the lord Rama. In the Nashik District of Maharastra, this beautiful town has the incomparable devotional and natural beauty in it. This place is the victim of the entire Arayana Kand of Ramayana that took place here. Therefore, no one can ignore the importance of this place. It’s the place where the Demon Ravana wrote his death by kidnapping Mata Sita.

This town has so many devotional attractions to watch-out. Some of them are Kalaram temple, Sita Gufa, and the Ram Kund. As per belief, Devi Sita used to do the worship of Lord Shiva here. Also, it’s the exact place where Ravana Kidnapped Devi Sita. You must visit this place for at least once a time. Also, there is a garden of five banyan trees that belong to the Ramayana Kaal. Therefore, this place is named as “Panchvati”.

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