In the Shivalik mountain range, the Raja National Park is a perfect tourism haven for wildlife lovers. therefore, if you love exploring the natural beauty along with watching the varieties of florae and faunae, you must visit this place. This national park is however especially famous for tigers and elephant though, but in addition to, here you may also see King Cobra, Panther, Bear, Chital, Sambar, Wild Boar, Kakar, Python, Monitor Lizard, Wild Cats, and lots other varieties of faunae. Also, florae like Sal, Teak, and various shrubs enhance the beauty of this national park. This national park covers some parts of three districts of Uttrakhand that are Dehradun, Haridwar and Pauri Garhwal.

Enjoying watching the beauty of this park through the Zeep Safari or the Elephant Safari gives you the most wonderful and secured tourism experience here. This national park is named in the honor of C.Rajagopalachari who was a great activist of his time. Actually, this national park is a combination of three different sanctuaries; namely Chilla, Motichur, and Rajaji. Later, in 2015, the government combined them and named it” Raja Ji National Park. pilgrim town of Haridwar is just 10 km away from the Chilla Sanctuary. Therefore, this place offers you the option to enjoy the natural and wildlife beauty in addition to the devotional beauty. Motichur Sanctuary is famous for Leopard sightings.

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Rajaji National Park

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