Ram Mandir Ghat, Lies near the Harsiddhi temple, The Ram Mandir Ghat is one of the holiest to have a bath during the auspicious period of Kumbh Mela. This Ghat is one of the major prime sites for the organization of the holy Kumbh festival. As per Hindu mythology is believed to be the place that received some drops of Nectar, and therefore, bathing in this river makes you free from all your sins and bad Karmas. Here, devotees worship the goddess Shipra. She represents purity, celibacy, and explicitness.

If you want to have the most beautiful natural view here, see the sunset here. The Orange and Red mixed sky look very gorgeous. Here, along with feeling a natural beauty, you also feel the real spirituality. You may visit here anytime except at night. The complete round of this ghat and the temple may take you around 1 to 2 Hrs. Pure Veg food stalls are a lot other facilities are available here. Therefore, never miss out on any chance to have a visit here.

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Ram Mandir Ghat

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