About 60 Km from Nashik, there is a hill range named Saptasurungi which is one of the highly famous places in Hinduism. Saptasurungi is the place having one of the Shaktipeethas. Therefore, being the most sacred place belonging to Mata Rani, it is devotionally very beautiful. It’s the place where Mata herself helps you in achieving your dreams and goals. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly the heaven on earth. As per belief, if you have the blessing of Mata Rani, it’s mean you have the blessing of all gods and goddesses, and no one can stop you from being successful in life. It’s the perfect place to get the blessing of Mata Rani. Visit the Saptashurungi Devi temple here.

It’s also the place having the forest full of unbelievable medicinal properties. According to Ramayana, It’s the place where Lord Hanuman came to find the Sanjeevni Booti. Therefore, the arrival of Mahabali hanuman here adds additional importance to this place. This place looks amazingly very beautiful and attracts visitors all the time.

To get the holy Darshan of Mata Rani, you may visit the temple here anytime between 6’Oclock morning to the 6’Oclock evening. This auspicious Darshan of Mata Rani makes you feel internally happy by the soul. You feel the real satisfaction here just the same as in the lap of your own mother. Therefore, you must visit this place. Here, in addition to seeing the most pleasing natural beauty, you also feel the real spirituality and devotion.

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