Someshwar water also known as the DudhSagar is one of the famous and gorgeous looking Tourist spots. The 10 m high beautiful waterfall, and nearby Balaji temple make this place of utmost importance. It’s a popular picnic spot for families and a favorite stop for young people to spend a relaxing evening. Near the waterfall there is also a Balaji Temple, which is a must-visit spot.During the monsoon season, the waterfalls hit their zenith when the cascade has plenty of water in it. Carved steps on the rocks make it easy to reach the top of this beautiful place.

Someshwar temple, Saptasurungi, Sula Vineyard and a lot more places to visit nearby the Someshwar waterfall. If you are the wine lover when visiting the Someswar waterfall, you must visit the Sula Vineyard.

The best time to visit there between July to September, during the monsoon season.

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Someshwar Waterfalls

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